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Range of Application


Jaslo, Poland


Surface: 5400 m2

Volume: 54000 m3

Kind of hall: Factory building for the production of LDPE and similar products

Required room temperature: 22 °C

Total installed capacity: 480 kW/ 180 kW

Type of installed heaters:
1st building (4500 m2/ 45’000 m3): 3 RoofVent condens, 5 TopVent commercial GA
2nd building (900 m2/ 9000 m3): 3 TopVent commercial GA

RoofVent condens: supply and extract air handling unit with condensing gas boiler for heating high spaces

TopVent commercial GA: gas-fired roof unit for ventilating and heating high spaces

Extra installed air recirculation: 78400 m3

Manufacturer: Hovalwerk AG

Description of the project: LOTOS Group is a Polish based company specialized in oil production, oil processing and the trade of products. Their newly built factory in Jaslo, Southern Poland, produces LDPE (polyethylene foil) and similar products, which are used for roof isolation and like purposes. In two different halls, Hoval installed altogether 8 TopVent commercial GA units and three RoofVent condens units. The TopVent units will compensate air extractions caused by other appliances and machines. The RoofVent units will mainly be used for ventilation and heating during non-working hours, i.e. when there are no heat gains from production processes.