Zucchiatti Elettromeccanica srl

Zucciatti Elettromeccanica srl

Project Name:Zucchiatti Elettromeccanica srl
Location:Pordenone (PN)
Kind of hall:Electromechanical components production
Required room temperature:°C
Total installed capacity:325 kW
Type of installed heaters:The installation is composed by:
- 3 K100 heaters
- 1 F1 21 heater
- 1 F1 31 heater
Extra installed air recirculation:m3
Special features:Robur K gas heaters advantages: • Modulation of heat output and ventilation according to ambient requirements. • High efficiency for greater energy savings: from 92% up to over 96% at maximum heat output. • Air intake and exhaust outlet diameter of just 80 mm, a feature that allows savings to be made also during installation. • Digital chronothermostat supplied as standard, offer a series of important regulation and control functions, resulting in a more precise and economical use of the heating system. • Reduced size and weight, for faster and safer installation. Robur F gas heater advantages: Advantages: • Pre-mixing multigas burner in stainless steel with combustion efficiency of 92%. • Extremely low NOx contents of exhaust gases, for reduced environmental impact. • Intake and exhaust ducts both only 80 mm in diameter, to make installation easier. • Axial fan for free-blowing operation. • K Type heaters have a lower size/heat output ratio than other warm air heaters currently available on the market.
Manufacturer:Robur Spa

Description of the project: