Witron Logistik und Informatik GmbH

Witron Logistik und Informatik GmbH

Project Name: Witron Logistik und Informatik GmbH
Location: 92711 Parkstein
Country: Germany
Surface: 27.600 m²
Volume: 262.000 m³
Kind of hall: Production and storage hall
Required room temperature: 18 °C
Total installed capacity: 12 x 175 kW
Type of installed heaters:

Installation of 12 x LK Warm Air Heater with condensing technology
Type: RBW 175

Each unit has a heating capacity of 35-175 kW and an airflow of 12.000 - 18.000 m³/h.

Special features:
  • Warm air heater with continously variable fresh air intake by an outside air duct through the roof
  • Recirculated air mixing system
  • Condensing technology with an efficiency of up to 106% (related to the lower heating value)
Manufacturer: LK Metallwaren GmbH

Description of the project:
Production and storage hall for the manufacture of storage systems and storage technology.