UNO Industry park Bezděčín

UNO Industry Park Bezdecin

Project Name:UNO Industry park Bezděčín
Location:Mladá Boleslav
Surface:6000 m2
Volume:45000 m3
Kind of hall:Logistics center
Required room temperature:14 °C
Total installed capacity:350 kW
Type of installed heaters:

6 TopVent DGV: Gas-fired recirculation units for heating high spaces

6 TopVent MG: Gas-fired supply air units for ventilating and heating high spaces

Extra installed air recirculation:59340 m3
Special features:-
Manufacturer:Hovalwerk AG

Description of the project:
6 TopVent DGV-6/60 and 6 TopVent MG-6/60 are installed for cost-effective heating and ventilation. The units are equipped with a modulating gas burner. The TempTronic RC electronic controller ensures the optimum use of energy.