Staffordshire University

staffordshire university

Project Name: Staffordshire University
Location: Staffordshire
Country: UK
Surface: 1560 m2
Volume: 9380 m3
Kind of hall: Sport
Required room temperature:  
Total installed capacity:  
Type of installed heaters: 3 No. T2000E gas-fired warm air heaters
Extra installed air recirculation:  
Special features:  
Manufacturer: Reznor


Description of the project:

The primary requirement of the heating system needed at new Beaconside Campus Sports Complex was to maintain comfort levels with good heat coverage. Reznor installed three Warm Air Heaters to successfully achieve comfort temperatures in all areas of activity using air mixing ducts to provide heat without air turbulence.

The new Beaconside Campus Sports Complex in Stoke-on-Trent is Staffordshire University’s flagship sporting facility. Built in 2000, the premises comprise a 620m² sports hall, 220m² ancillary hall, 270m² fitness suite and changing and shower areas. The facility is in constant use by students, recreational groups and the general public for a variety of sporting activities, from basketball and football, to dance and martial arts.

The primary requirement of the heating system was to effectively maintain comfort temperatures in all areas of the complex, regardless of the level of activity taking place within. Heat coverage had to be uniform throughout, and achieved without air movement or draughts.

Three Reznor T2000E gas-fired warm air heaters were installed in a first floor plant rooms to serve the main hall, ancillary hall and changing area. A Reznor electrically heated unit serves the Fitness Suite, and is located in an adjacent plant room.
Reznor Air Mixing air distribution ducts were also fitted in the main hall, ancillary hall and Fitness Suite to provide the required level of heat diffusion, but without air turbulence. The PVC Air Mixing ducts, which are suspended from the ceiling, are perforated along their length. Air is forced through at high speed to produce an immediate mix with room air, thereby eliminating the problem of condensation on cold surfaces and providing evenly distributed warm air. An Energymizor control panel in each room enables sports hall staff to adjust local temperatures according to internal conditions, and to monitor and override the system when required.

The Reznor heating solution answers the requirements of the University for a system that economically overcomes both fabric and ventilation losses. The high level distribution allowed by Air Mixing ducts is both unobtrusive and avoids the use of low level emitters which could interfere with sporting activities.

The choice of indirect gas-fired warm air heaters enabled the University to minimise boiler plant and low pressure hot water pipe work distribution. At the same time, the Air Mixing ducts offer an aesthetically pleasing solution that avoids grilles and diffusers. Their excellent air distribution qualities ensure air velocities within all areas of sports play are maintained at an acceptable level.
Economical running is optimised by the use of timed operation,set-back warm-up and damper settings.