St. Giles Church

St. Giles Church

Project Name: St. Giles Church
Location: Bloomsbury
Country: UK
Kind of hall: Church
Required room temperature: 18 °C
Total installed capacity:  
Type of installed heaters:

1 Reznor EuroPak PV 2095-20 gas-fired warm air heater, engineered to the requirements of the application. Fitted with supply air fan, optional filter section and modulating burners

Extra installed air recirculation:  
Special features:  
Manufacturer: Reznor


Description of the project:
There has been a house of prayer on the site of St Giles in the Field Church in Bloomsbury since 1101, when St Giles was a small village outside London. The existing Palladian-style church was designed and built in the early 1730s by Henry Flitcroft, who also worked on Woburn Abbey. The 30-year old warm air heating system had broken down and was beyond repair. A replacement system would have to satisfy the particular requirements of the historic church - namely, to make use of existing underfloor ductwork, to warm the church quickly and effectively at very low noise levels, and to be highly energy efficient. Most importantly, installation of the system should not interfere with or alter in any way the integrity of the building’s existing framework.

Since the only available space to install a warm air system capable of meeting all the specific requirements of the building was in the church basement with extremely restricted access, a flexible tailor-made solution was required. Reznor supplied a EuroPak PV 2095-20 gas-fired warm air heater, complete with supply air fan, optional filter section and modulating burners to allow enhanced temperature control. From its basement location, the heater could be easily linked to the existing distribution system within the church. Access to the basement was very restricted, so the heating system was supplied in sections and re-assembled on site.