Lubminer Korrisionsschutz

Lubminer Korrisionsschutz

Project Name:Lubminer Korrisionsschutz
Location:17509 Rubenow
Surface:5400 m2
Volume:72000 m3
Kind of hall:Sprayhall, Painting Hall
Required room temperature:15 °C
Total installed capacity:6 X 616 kW
Type of installed heaters:6x
Nordluft - NL -TKA - 4 - 230.K
Each Heater has a heating capacity of 230 kW and an air volume of 40.000 m³/h (supply air and exhaust air).

Nordluft Heat Recovery system.
Each System has 386 kW capacity (67% efficiency) from the supply air.

Elco G03.300 Duo Plus modulating natural-gas burner. Power-range 100-300 kW.
Extra installed air recirculation:m3
Special features:Working with high-Performance heat recovery systems, this system used over 67% from the supply air. The extraction of air works with mobile exhaust filter and multi-stage Paint-Stop-Filter. Contribution of the supply air with jet nozzles.
Manufacturer:Nordluft GmbH & Co KG, D-49393 Lohne

Description of the project:
Three big spray halls (painting halls) for hulls(underneath from a ship).