LK Metallwaren GmbH

LK Metallwaren GmbH

Type of company Spezialisierter Anlagenbauer
Year of foundation 1862
Country/Countries Deutschland, Tschechien
Address LK Metallwaren GmbH
Am Falbenholzweg 36
D-91126 Schwabach
Short profile

LK Metall is involved in plant engineering and specialises in providing customized solutions in the following markets:

  • Hall heating
  • Process air technology for drying processes
  • Process water treatment
  • Sound insulation and housings
  • Metal forming and metal engineering

We draw on the process engineering expertise of our engineers and technicians to realise customized and innovative solutions in our own production facility, and master craftsmen, skilled employees and fitters, all with excellent training, are involved in delivering these solutions. From the development phase to commissioning and maintenance - complete know-how from a single source.

Long profile

Our success is based on combinable, innovative system solutions and an eye for our customers' needs.

We set new standards in hall heating with our decentralised “Rheinland“ Type RBW hall heating system with innovative calorific technology. LK systems are distinguished by a high degree of efficiency and process engineering competence.

In addition to ventilation and heat recovery, LK hall heating installations ensure highly efficient system operation while simultaneously providing maximum economic advantages when it comes to energy input and operating expenses. Optional air solar collectors are optionally integrated in this respect to exploit regenerative energy in the overall system.

We employ ventilation and extraction units with recuperative heat recovery in production areas with high air exchange rates. This can be integrated where necessary in existing hot water systems.

Our process air technology products are utilised in all painting and drying processes:

  • Process engineering combustion chambers for high and low-temperature applications with indirect heating
  • Manufactured from stainless steel resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, special alloys also available where necessary
  • Compact installations for supply air, exhaust air and recirculated air systems
  • Directly and indirectly heated with heat exchangers, gas surface burners, hot water or electric heating systems.
  • LK process water treatment systems treat industrial waste water up to circulation standard and ensure safe and environmentally compatible use of water. Sedimentation, oil separation and particle filtration processes are the basic technologies employed to realise specific customer applications. Optionally available with system monitoring and telecontrol technology.

    Sound insulation and housings for applications in the wire drawing industry, mechanical engineering, production plants and in the energy sector.

    Metal engineering and the production processes it employs (laser cutting process, CNC-aided forming; joining and surface processes) ensure cross compatibilities for plant engineering.

Number of employees 100
Subsidiaries Kovo Technik, Tschechien