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Type of company Lersen company occupies with development, production and service of warm air heaters, gas radiant tubes, gate air curtains and recuperation units.
Year of foundation 2004
Country/Countries Czech Republic

Lersen CZ s.r.o.
Chotyně 182
46334 Hrádek nad Nisou
Czech Republic

Website/Homepage www.lersen.cz
Short profile Lersen company was based in 2004 by transformation from former trade company. From its foundation occupies with development, production and service of different types of heating for industial halls. We offer heating solution for different types of halls using gas or warm water air heater or gas radiant tubes. As a supplement of our range of products we also offer gate air cur-tains working with gas, warm water or cold air. For purpose of air exchange Lersen offers also recuperation units. All of the products are certified for Europian market and Lersen as a manufac-turer holdes cerificat of quality ISO 9001:2001
Long profile

Company philosophy:
We want to bring new, long time reliable and economical solutions of heating for different types of industrial halls. For this reason we focus on different types of heating, thats why we have in our production range both heating by usage of warm air and also heating by radiant tubes.

We are very active in development and in introducing of new technologies. Lersen company disposes with its own development center and can be proud of many utility models and patents. At the same time we have long term cooperation with Technical University in Liberec of development of new burners and whole heating units.

Our production is happens with usage of up to date CNC machines by team of experienced and many years proven workers. In 2018 we finished building of our new industrial hall which enables us to increase twice our production capacity.

We offer to our customers high quality and fast trade mark service Lersen, made by experienced and many years proven service technitians. At present we cover by trade mark service region of Czech and Slovak republics. We also offer to train service technitians of different trade and instalation companies from other countries, whom we offer continuous technical support.

In our production program is:

ALFA gas air heaters:
We produce two versions. ALFA TOP offers many technical advantages as fluant modulation of the output, regulation of the axial fan turnovers, combustion chamber made of stainless steel. The other is ALFA ECO as solution for customers sensitive to the price level.

ZETA water air heaters:
We offer these heating water heaters in different designes, parameters, and with lots of accessories. This enables us to ocover most of the needs of users in this heating area.

COMPACT gas radian tubes:
This heating unit is proud of its highest verified radiant efficiency, which is offered in Europian market. It is assembled with usage of segments, it is very easy to stock, transport and esspecially to put together and install in the hall.

IOTA indistrial air gate curtains:
We produce three types of air gate curtains. First is with gas heating, second with warm water heating and third is cold, without heating. Air gate curtains may have different lengths and different output of fans.

DELTA air echange unit with recuperation:
Concerning halls where there is a need of air exchange we produce unit, which respondes to the conditions for operation according to EKODESIGN (EU regulation nr. 1253/2014)

Number of employees 35

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