Leisslinger Mineralbrunnen

Leisslinger Mineralbrunnen

Project Name:Leisslinger Mineralbrunnen
Location:06667 Leißling
Surface:8000 m2
Volume:60000 m3
Kind of hall:Two marquees for storage of goods (Mineral water)
Required room temperature:12 °C
Total installed capacity:8 X 300 kW
Type of installed heaters:

Installation of 8x Nordluft Warm Air Heater NL-A 340.

Each Heater has a heating capacity of 300 kW and an air volume of 23.400 m³/h.The efficiency is over 92%.

The air distribution is effected by jet nozzles.

This jet nozzles have a throwing range by 60mtr.


Extra installed air recirculation:m3
Special features:The heating system has to make sure, that the room temperature inside of the marquees will be 12°C or higher and it has to make sure, that no snow will lay on the tent roof.

Description of the project:
Warehouse of mineral water for LIDL.