Johnson & Starley Ltd.

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Type of company Manufacturer of warm air heating, condensing boilers, ventilation systems and heating interface units for both residential and commercial installations
Year of foundation 1922
Country/Countries United Kingdom
Address Rhosili Road
Short profile Johnson & Starley is a manufacturer of energy efficient heating and ventilation solutions for the residential heating, ventilation and renewables markets and is recognised as Europe’s major manufacture of residential warm air heaters.
Long profile Johnson & Starley’s history began in Blackpool producing ‘Sprayheat’ Waste Oil Burners. These burners easily converted cast iron hot air stoves from using solid fuel to burning sump oil.
In the following decades, the Company increasingly specialised in residential heating, helping to pioneer warm air heating as the first popular residential central heating system in the post war period. Many breakthroughs followed thanks to continuing investment in research, development, skills and plant.

Our product development strategy has been closely focused on feedback from our customers, particularly in social housing. This partnership has helped build many long-lasting relationships over many years. We ensure that new designs incorporate efficient user friendly controls and easy cost effective maintenance for end users or landlords. We are committed to ever-improving energy efficiency, reduction in emissions and an environmentally friendly approach to heating systems.

Growing demand for more energy efficient buildings has created an increasing need for improved ventilation systems. Our research and development division has responded with a range of products specifically designed to address indoor air quality problems as economically and effectively as possible.
Today Johnson & Starley continues to combine its long tradition of decades of skill and service with an innovative customer-led approach and now to a wider portfolio of customers with expertise in the industrial commercial sectors.

As a market leader in providing energy efficient heating and ventilation solutions, Johnson & Starley has an impressive portfolio of products. These include QuanTec gas boilers with PFGHR (passive flue gas heat recovery), and the new WarmCair range of high efficiency condensing Warm Air Heaters.

With environmental issues and climate change an important factor, we have developed a range of HIU (Heat Interface Units) available with or without domestic hot water, and for renewables there is the new range of Gencair Air Source Heat Pumps.

An extensive range of ventilation products, including mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, passive ventilation and extract ventilation providing a solution for every application.
Number of employees 86