Instron Limited

Instron Limited

Project Name: Instron Limited
Country: UK
Surface: 7500 m2
Volume: 37500 m3
Kind of hall: Instron Limited of High Wycombe manufactures precision instruments and systems for testing materials and products used in a broad cross-section of industries
Required room temperature:  
Total installed capacity:  
Type of installed heaters:

9 x T2000E warm air heating/ventilating units in four zones

Extra installed air recirculation:  
Special features:  
Manufacturer: Reznor


Description of the project:
The requirement for both ventilation and heating across four different zones indicated that a warm air system would be the most appropriate solution. Nine T2000E Reznor units with 316 grade stainless steel heat exchangers were installed to heat 7,500m2 of the factory floor. On start-up and during cold weather, the heaters work on total recirculation of air. In summer, dampers can be automatically switched to recirculation and fresh air, or total fresh air. The system is controlled from a PC terminal using a software programme specially designed by TA Controls. Tamper-proof localised sensing points detect ambient temperature in each zone. The heating system, or individual units, can be viewed graphically on screen, and controls amended by a simple point and click operation. The management system also detects faults, isolates them and re-sets where the fault is not complex.

Instron saved 35 per cent on heating bills in the first year after installation. The Reznor system is proving responsive, efficient and easy to operate.