Project Name:Haar
Location:D-26316 Varel
Surface:1020 m2
Volume:10600 m3
Kind of hall:Production hall for manufacturing systems engineering
Required room temperature:18 °C
Total installed capacity:1 X 450 kW
Type of installed heaters:

Installation of one Nordluft Warm Air Heater NL-A 500.

The Heater has a heating capacity of 450 kW and an air volume of 35.000 m³/h.The efficiency is over 93%.

The air distribution is effected by a air duct with twelve air outlets.

Extra installed air recirculation:m3
Special features:The sound Level have to be very quiet in this buildung. we installed a lot of big silencer in the air duct. Air Filter - Systems.
Manufacturer:Nordluft GmbH & Co KG, D-49393 Lohne

Description of the project:
New Building of a Productionhall