East Midlands Airport

east midlands airport

Project Name: East Midlands Airport
Country: UK
Surface: 5600 m2
Volume: 112000 m3
Kind of hall:  
Required room temperature: 20°C
Total installed capacity:  
Type of installed heaters: Free standing oil fired heaters
Extra installed air recirculation:  
Special features:  
Manufacturer: Reznor


Description of the project:
Bibby & Barron manufactures paper bags for most of the UK's blue chip retail operations.

A total of 17 Reznor Eurot-T2000A ceiling mounted warm air heaters were installed at 4 meters roof height throughout the premises. The room-sealed units were equipped with automatic hot surface ignition, avoiding the need for continuous pilot lights, and flued to atmosphere through the roof. The use of ducted external air for combustion eliminated contamination from the fumes inside the factory. This prevents them being introduced into the combustion process. High-low burner control provides optimum levels of operating efficiency, thereby maximising energy usage. The use of high air-flow units meant no destratification fans were required since the heaters both move internal air effectively and recirculate via secondary air entrainment. The units were also fitted with high grade 316 stainless steel heat exchangers which are resistant to corrosion from harmful chemicals.

Three months after installation, Bibby & Barron estimated their energy savings over the cost of running the old boiler system to be in the region of 50 percent. With high efficiency but low running and maintenance costs, the company anticipates payback on its capital investment within only one year. The system is proving a flexible solution to Bibby Barron's heating needs in its factory. As well as being easy to control and maintain, the system provides year-round constant comfort conditions within the production area.