Project Name: Courts
Country: UK
Surface: 2600 m2
Volume: 3380 m3
Kind of hall: stores
Required room temperature:  
Total installed capacity:  
Type of installed heaters:

H30067B: warm air condensing unit heater

Extra installed air recirculation:  
Special features:  
Manufacturer: Reznor


Description of the project:
Courts is one of the UK's leading home furnishing retailers. It has over 30 out-of-town stores across the country.

In line with Courts' energy efficiency criteria, Reznor ceiling-mounted warm air condensing heaters have been installed in over 30 of the company's out-of-town sores and are scheduled to be fitted in all new-build 'shed' stores. The condensing unit heaters have an operating efficiency of 92 per cent which is 10 per cent more than other warm air heaters. The condensing technology utilises an additional heat exchanger which extracts heat from the products of combustion before they are expelled into the atmosphere. The extracted heat pre-heats the air before it passes across the main heat exchanger, reducing energy usage as a result.